About me. Anasta Fo. Photographer in London

My name is Anasta

I am a portrait photographer with a unique approach

My experience

For over 7 years, I’ve been working in professions closely related to photography. When I first picked up a camera, everything fell into place. I successfully integrated my acquired experience into my work as a photographer.

About me. Anasta Fo. Photographer in London


Worked as a professional international model worldwide. Hundreds of shoots for various brands and participation in Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, and other brand shows

2014 — 2020

About me. Anasta Fo. Photographer in London


I’ve produced photo and video projects, including music videos. I also worked as a location manager for film and advertising shoots in Moscow.

2020 — 2022

About me. Anasta Fo. Photographer in London


I organize and conduct various events, from women’s circles to dance and movement practices. I created the project “View from Within” —   guided walks and practices with closed eyes.

2020 — today

About me. Anasta Fo. Photographer in London

Posing Instructor

I have developed an original program of workshops on posing and self-expression in front of the camera, teaching dozens of individuals my unique methodology for authentic and natural posing

2019 — today

My Approach and Vision

Working with me is primarily about a personalized approach, comfort, a caring atmosphere, and assistance with posing.

I always prioritize establishing a connection with the client, aligning on the concept and vision before taking the camera. This approach enables me to achieve results that delight my clients.

What do I shoot?

I specialize in sensual and emotional portraits, aiming to combine creativity and honesty in every shot.

I’m also inspired by reportage photography — events, festivals, retreats and more. I enjoy capturing  every shade of people’s emotion.

I’m open to exploring and experimenting with various genres, so feel free to reach out, and I’ll offer my creative ideas. (I have experience in content photography, still life, model tests and polaroids, couples, family, new born and more)

London and worldwide 

About me. Anasta Fo. Photographer in London
About me. Anasta Fo. Photographer in London

What’s unique? 

Frequently, my portrait sessions are immersive PhotoExperiences that I guide using tools I’ve acquired from my other experiences

  • The process begins with a tea ceremony and an exploration of the intention behind the photoshoot.
  • Then, I lead a practice for physical and emotional liberation. It’s a meditative and movement-based process that helps the model to get in tune, establish a connection with their body, and ultimately appear in photos refreshed, authentic, and relaxed. 
  • The photoshoot is accompanied by a mini masterclass on authentic posing. 
  • My home studio provides a cozy and secure environment.