Polaroids — the most important photos in a model’s career. 

I have been working as a professional model for 6 years, so I know everything about polaroids!

A photoshoot with me includes:

  • Assistance with preparation and selection of clothing, lingerie\swimwear, and footwear.
  • Photos of all the necessary angles and clothing/hair positions.
  • Facial expression exercises before the shoot to help relax the face and capture natural emotions.
  • Personal tips for maintaining a slim figure based on my own experience.
  • Walk and introduction and a videos.
  • The opportunity to choose desired photos from originals.
  • Incredibly natural retouching of all photos, if needed.

Video review about this photoshoot from the client here. (in Russian language) 

youtube.com/shorts/5o0HiHhPVIM? feature=share