Price. Anasta Fo. Photographer in London


Portrait packages

Price. Anasta Fo. Photographer in London

Portrait photoshoot

Your perfect photoshoot — I will help you create several authentic impressions of yourself. Great for social media, personal brand or self discovery

  • 2 hours photoshoot at my home studio or any another location
  • Joint concept creation
  • Authentic posing guidance and tips
  • 30+ edited and retouched photos
  • Photo delivery within 7-10 days by personal online gallery


Price. Anasta Fo. Photographer in London

Photo Ceremony

Immersion into your image. Great for those who want to go deeper with their self-expression, or those who struggle and are shy in front the camera

  • 3+ hours session including photoshoot, a tea ceremony to align on intentions,   movement practice and guided meditation 
  • My home studio space
  • Gentle phototherapy technics
  • 30+ edited and retouched photos
  • Photo delivery within 7-10 days by personal online gallery


Who is "Photo Ceremony" for?

This photoshoot format goes beyond the traditional understanding of a photoshoot. It will appeal to those who are willing to explore new dimensions and discover themselves. It’s also suitable for individuals who feel uneasy in front of the camera, have difficulties accepting their appearance, body, or expressions. If you tremble at the sight of a camera and are uncertain about how to move and pose.

Often, this format incorporates psychological or artistic concepts. For example, you can try various female or male archetypes, stepping into these roles and embodying them with the help of practices and more extended periods of time. It can also be more like phototherapy, where you encounter your natural and unaltered self.

This process can be tailored to your specific needs. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. The key is your interest and willingness to get to know yourself better.


Price. Anasta Fo. Photographer in London

40 minutes

8-10 retouched pictures 

2 outfits

studio included 


Price. Anasta Fo. Photographer in London

90 minutes

15-20 retouched pictures 

4 outfits

studio included


Headshots packages also include:

  • Home studio rental in central London
  • Posing guidance
  • Exercises to improve facial expressions
  • Assistance with outfit selection
  • Photo delivery within 7 days

Difference between headshoots and portraits?

Headshots focus on a person’s face and shoulders. Often used for professional profiles, such as LinkedIn or acting portfolios. Using one light setup per photoshoot.

Portrait photography captures a person’s entire presence, showcasing their personality and surroundings, making it more versatile for various purposes, including personal and artistic use.

General conditions

Additional charges:

  • £10-30 for weekend photoshoots
  • Travel, where long commute required (discussed individually)
  • Makeup artist services or external studio rental — where required
  • Export of raw unedited files — where required


  • Unless discussed, photographer holds the right to publish photos
  • It is possible to arrange 2 joint photoshoots at a discounted price (e.g. with a friend)
  • Packages can be adjusted to meet your needs

Events and reportage

Please reach out directly if you need photo reportage of your event to discuss conditions. I am also open to collaborations

Price. Anasta Fo. Photographer in London

How to book?

  1. Contact me to share your vision and briefly discuss the concept.
  2. We’ll then coordinate the location and date.
  3. To book your preferred time and date, a 50% deposit of the photoshoot fee is required.
  4. Next, we can discuss wardrobe, moodboard, concept, and any other specifics as needed.
  5. The remaining 50% is to be settled on the day of the photoshoot.

About retouch style

I do natural skin retouch only, which includes removing blemishes such as pimples and acne, and improving the lighting and shadows for a smoother look using the Dodge and Burn technique. If required, I can also arrange for a professional retoucher service for an additional fee.